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The Impact of Poverty in Antiquity

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What does it mean to be poor in antiquity? In addition to the well-known passages in the Bible concerning wealth and poverty, this Bible and Beyond Discussion will also look at the frequent references to “Fullness” and “Deficiency.” Presenters: Dr. Shirley Paulson and Dr. Elli Elliott (with host Hilary Barner)

Humor and Joy in Mark, Thomas, Matthew, and Luke

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Within the gospels of Mark, Thomas, Matthew, and Luke is a large set of pithy sayings whose primary meanings are humor and joy.  It is probable that most of these sayings existed before these gospels were written and were for generations part of oral lore. Presenter: Dr. Hal Taussig (with host Shirley Paulson, PhD)

The Gospel of Thomas Goes Public

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First in the Nag Hammadi Series Presenters Dr. Shirley Paulson and her co-instructor, Dr. Hal Taussig, explain the complex but extremely important relationship between the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas and the Bible, while helping you gain confidence in your own ability to interpret and make use of it.

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