About Shirley Paulson, PhD

Shirley Paulson, PhD, is especially interested in the bridge-making, conversation-supporting, and healing role these ancient, long-forgotten extracanonical texts can be. From her 30 years’ healing experience as a Christian Science practitioner, she discovers messages of hope and healing from the ancient texts.

Mary Magdalene: A Leader for the First and Twenty-First Centuries Course

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In our own complex and confusing world of the 21st century, what we learn from Mary can startle us with refreshing spiritual insights. They are profoundly relevant today for people who resonate with the teachings and acts of Jesus. This is what you'll experience when you take the Bible and Beyond course, Mary Magdalene: A Leader for the First and Twenty-First Centuries.

Christian Treasures from the Trash Heap at Oxyrhynchus

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Some of the earliest so-called Gnostic manuscripts ever discovered, as well as a variety of extra-canonical and magical manuscripts that challenge traditional notions of orthodoxy and heresy, came from the Oxyhrynchus garbage heap. Presenter: Adeline Harrington with host Dr. Shirley Paulson

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