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Some Interesting Videos about Early Christianity
and Early Jesus Followers

Want to learn move about early Christian texts and the early Jesus followers? There are many informative videos on the web and on our website.

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Fragment of the Gospel of Judas

Fragment of the Gospel of Judas, public domain image (Wolfgang Rieger) from Wikimedia Commons.

Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism

The subject of quantum physics comes up often in our discussions of extracanonical writings. Of course the modern scientific experimentations had never been part of the ancient thinking, but many of the first and second-century cosmologies fit remarkably well with the contemporary interpretations of the experiments.

Journey Through Forgotten Scriptures

In this video, Deborah Saxon, PhD, presents an exploration of newly-discovered writings by early followers of Jesus.

This short film that examines extra-canonical texts is the product of a very thoughtful film-maker, Rev. John Rogers, in collaboration with Hal Taussig, PhD, and animation by Elizabeth Honer. A version of this video is also available on the website of the Tanho Institute.The word “tanho” is from the Coptic—the only language that many manuscripts of extra-canonical texts now exist in—and it means, “to become alive again.” Tanho’s mission is to help them “become alive again” in the 21st century.

How Did Mary Magdalene Lose Her Reputation?

Have you ever wondered how Mary Magdalene came to be regarded as a prostitute by much of mainstream Christianity when she is portrayed in many other early sources as an apostle, even as someone Jesus loved “more than the rest of woman” (Gospel of Mary 5:5)?

In this presentation Dr. Brandon Scott helps us understand how Mary Magdalene lost her good reputation. Dr. Scott’s vast knowledge of ancient art, the Greek language, and early Christian history contribute to this informative presentation.

Learn more and read a transcript here.

Demons, Magic, Healing, and the 91st Psalm: An Interview with Dr. Tupá Guerra

Shirley Paulson interviews Dr. Tupá Guerra in this special Bible and Beyond video blog post. Tupá’s work includes studies of demonology and magic in the Dead Sea Scrolls. While earning her Masters degree at the University of Brasilia, she studied the Book of Tobias and other mythical complexes related to the fear of the feminine. In this English-language video blog post, Tupá and Shirley discuss demonology, magic, and healing themes as found in the 91st Psalm.

Learn more and access a transcript here.

Startling Discoveries of Ancient Christian Art Change Views of Women

It’s hard to imagine Mary the mother of Jesus any way other than what artists have shown us the past few centuries: mother and child (‘the Madonna’), or sorrowing mother at the foot of her son’s cross (‘pieta’). But in this video interview, Dr. Ally Kateusz shows us some of the earliest known works of art by those who remember Mary quite differently from the traditions handed down to us.

Learn more and access a transcript here.

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