Early Christian Texts: The Bible and Beyond

Those who have immersed themselves in these texts have been strengthened, shocked, inspired, and healed by relating to them. They contain extraordinary gems of wisdom, but also challenge preconceived notions about what it meant and what it means to identify as a follower of Jesus.

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The Gospel of Thomas Goes Public

The Gospel of Thomas Goes Public is the first course in the Nag Hammadi series.

Presenters Dr. Shirley Paulson and her co-instructor, Dr. Hal Taussig, explain the complex but extremely important relationship between the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas and the Bible, and help learners gain confidence in their own ability to interpret and make use of the text.  Sign up and purchase on Udemy.

Learn more about the course here.

Ancient Christian Texts for Modern Healing

Ancient Christian Texts for Modern Healing is an introduction to early Christian writings and their challenges or promises for transforming the world.  This course is offered through the website, Udemy. There are plans to offer many more!

Taught by Shirley Paulson, PhD, the introduction course provides a good foundation for continued study.  Learn more about the course here.

Tanho Monday Textual Study
Monday Textual Studies

Once a month, at 8–9 pm Eastern Time on Monday nights (generally the fourth of the month), Dr. Hal Taussig presents an online discussion of one of the early Christ movement texts.  These discussions, hosted by Shirley Paulson, PhD, begin with a well-framed overview of the particular text, and then participants ask questions and share their own insights about the meanings and potential for these texts.

Conference Presentations and Similar Events

Title: “How Do Early Followers of Jesus Speak to Us Today?”
Presenter: Shirley Paulson, PhD
Type: 45-minute Presentation (via Zoom)
Date: September 27, 2020
Time:  3:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Central, 1:00 Mountain, Noon Pacific
Where:  Clearview Home Annual Meeting (registration required to attend – but it’s free)
Description:  Jesus’s followers had to figure out what to do when he was no longer there to guide them. Their prayers and actions inspire our discipleship today.

Title: “Race, Ethnicity, and the Bible”
Presenter: Hal Taussig, PhD
Type:  Four 75-minute Presentations (via Zoom)
Date: Wednesday, September 30, October 7, 14, 21, 2020
Time: 7:00 – 8:15 pm Mountain, (9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 6:00 Pacific)
Where:  Zoom Link is Here (Contact us for meeting ID and password if you want to connect by phone.)
Description:  These sessions are based on the important biblical studies of Dr. Vincent Wimbush over the past 25 years, focusing on Wimbush’s major book, African Americans and the Bible: Sacred Texts and Social Textures. Professor Wimbush, probably the country’s leading African American Professor of Biblical Studies, will not be participating directly. For 8 of the 17 years that Hal Taussig taught as Professor of New Testament Studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, Professor Wimbush was his colleague on Union’s faculty.

The Bible and Beyond Blog

The Bible and Beyond blog explores historical and spiritual questions about Jesus, women, salvation, healing, the meaning of life, and where Christianity came from. This blog opens the conversation that will help all writers and readers unlock some of the mysteries from extra-canonical books, forgotten scriptures, so-called “gnostic” gospels, and the Bible.  Read Shirley Paulson’s introductory post here.

The Bible and Beyond Podcast

The Bible and Beyond podcast is a series of interviews with scholars who are able to unlock mysteries from extra-canonical books, forgotten scriptures, so-called ‘gnostic’ gospels, as well as the Bible. Host Shirley Paulson, Ph.D., and her guests explore historical and spiritual questions about Jesus, gender, women, salvation, healing, and the meaning of life. The discoveries these scholars share don’t always fit with what we’ve been told, but time and again they lead us toward a deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Did Paul Really Say That?

January 7th, 2021|

"I might say [Paul]’s working out a theology. Maybe in all of the letters. Trying to explain… what it is to be in Christ, or in the body of Christ." An Interview with Dr. Nina Livesey

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