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Some Helpful Websites for Those Interested in Extracanonical Texts, Biblical Studies, and Early Jesus People

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American Academy of Religion (AAR)

Promotes the academic study of religion and creates opportunities for research, dialogue, and engagement for religious studies scholars.

Ally Kateusz

Early Christian art illuminates patterns in the ancient data that don’t match our modern imagination of the past. Includes art and cutting-edge research focusing on the authority of early Christian women.

The Bart Ehrman Blog: The History & Literature of Early Christianity:

The Bart Ehrman Blog provides Bart’s insights and opinions on important issues related to the New Testament and early Christianity.

GLAS (Global Late Antiquity Society)

The Global Late Antiquity Society (GLAS) is an international association dedicated to scholarly innovation and reflection on global Late Antiquity that questions and expands on received models and methods.

Fragment of the Gospel of Judas

Fragment of the Gospel of Judas, public domain image (Wolfgang Rieger) from Wikimedia Commons.

Gnostic Society Library: The Nag Hammadi Library Alphabetical Index

Direct link to English translations to texts of the Nag Hammadi collection.


This site is dedicated to extracanonical Gospels  — early Christian Gospels which weren’t included in the New Testament — and includes several public domain translations.

North American Patristics Society (NAPS)

A scholarly organization dedicated to the study of the history, literature, and theology of ancient Christianity.

North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL)

Dedicated study of the Christian Apocrypha, a vast assortment of texts that feature tales of Jesus, his family and his immediate followers but, or various reasons, are not included in the New Testament.

The Nuhra Project: The Odes of Solomon

Dedicated to promoting awareness, study, and appreciation of the second-century Odes of Solomon. Committed to the public domain; freely copied and used.

Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)

Oldest and largest learned society devoted to the critical investigation of the Bible from a variety of academic disciplines.

Westar Institute

Dedicated to fostering and communicating the results of cutting-edge scholarship on the history and evolution of the Christian tradition, raising level of public discourse.

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