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Important Journals about Early Christianity
and Early Jesus Followers

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Early Christianity

The journal is concerned with early Christianity as a historical phenomenon. Thereby, Early Christianity aims to overcome certain limitations which have hindered the development of the discipline, including the concept of the “New Testament” itself. The journal, then, is taken to cover not only the first Christian century but also the second.

Forum Journal (Westar Institute)

Forum contains current research in biblical, theological, and cognate studies. The journal features articles on the historical Jesus, Christian origins, theological issues, and related fields. Forum publishes scholarship emerging from Westar Institute seminars.

Fourth R Magazine (Westar Institute)

Along with “Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic,” Religion is the fourth “R” of basic literacy. The Fourth R is Westar’s bi-monthly magazine. In it, you’ll find the latest thinking from religion scholars and writers—in non-technical language.

Harvard Theological Review 

Harvard Theological Review, a central forum for scholars of religion, continues to publish compelling original research in the history and philosophy of religious thought – including the areas of Judaic studies, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Christianity, archaeology, comparative religious studies, theology and ethics.

Journal for the Study of the New Testament

The Journal for the Study of the New Testament, a leading academic journal in New Testament Studies, aims to present cutting-edge work. Diverse aspects of New Testament study are represented, including historical perspectives, social-scientific and literary theory, and developing theological, cultural and contextual approaches.

Journal of Biblical Literature

The flagship journal of the field, it is published quarterly and includes scholarly articles and critical notes from a variety of academic disciplines by members of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

The official journal of the American Academy of Religion. Publishes research that covers the full range of world religious traditions together with provocative studies of the methodologies by which these traditions are explored. Each issue also contains a large and valuable book review section.

The Journal of Early Christian History

The Journal of Early Christian History approaches the field of early Christian and Byzantine studies from new perspectives, incorporating various methodologies, contextual trajectories and interdisciplinary research. It especially wishes to promote research in an African context without neglecting the international scholarly community.

The Journal of Early Christian Studies

Focuses on the study of Christianity in the context of late ancient societies and religions from C.E. 100-700. Every issue features an extensive book review section. It is the official publication of the North American Patristics Society (NAPS).

Fragment of the Gospel of Judas

Fragment of the Gospel of Judas, public domain image (Wolfgang Rieger) from Wikimedia Commons.

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