Healing and Salvation in the Secret Revelation of John

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This month, we looked at the plan for healing and salvation in the Secret Revelation of John. This ancient book is arguably the most important book in the Nag Hammadi Library. It appears three times in the entire collection and was well-known in antiquity, having spread at least as far as from France to central Egypt, probably farther. It’s the first Christian writing known to include a complete story of creation and salvation. Presenter: Dr. Shirley Paulson (with host Hilary Barner)

Proceeding With Consideration of Spiritual Resurrection in the First Two Hundred Years

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Following up on the March 28, 2022, Bible and Beyond Discussion, our conversation on April 25 continued a study of articulations of Christ peoples’ consideration and elaboration of spiritual resurrection in the first two hundred years CE. Whereas the March study concentrated on the ways Paul’s letters and the Nag Hammadi “Treatise” laid out spiritual resurrection, in this discussion we expanded on notions of spiritual resurrection in passages about empty tombs and visions. Presenter: Dr. Hal Taussig (with host Dr. Shirley Paulson)

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