The Bible and Beyond Podcast Episode

Is the Book of Acts Historically Accurate?

A photo of Dr. Perry Kea

Dr. Perry Kea

An interview with Dr. Perry Kea

Perry Kea, an expert scholar on the Book of Acts, explains why the objectives of the author of the book differ from simple historical documentation.  The letters of Paul provide an excellent example of such differences and illustrate why the objective of the Book of Acts is inconsistent with historical facts. Stories in Acts were a means of using resources to address other questions, such as the source of authority for the new Christian movement.

Dr. Perry Kea is a long-time member of the Westar Institute – which pursues honest and rigorous inquiry on the origins and cultural implication of the Christian tradition. He was an active member of Westar’s Seminar on the Acts of the Apostles. Perry served as a Westar board member and then five years as the board chairperson. He stepped down as chair in 2019 and continues to serve as a volunteer staff member for Westar. He earned his PhD from the University of Virginia and then taught for 35 years at the University of Indianapolis.

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