The Bible and Beyond Podcast Episode

Biblical Violence Can Be Helpful or Harmful According to the Way You Read It

An Interview with Karri Whipple, PhD

Karri Wipple, PhD discusses biblical violence on the Bible and Beyond podcast.

Karri Whipple, PhD (photo – L. Ellen)

Dr. Karri Whipple’s experience with intimate violence organizations guides her studies of violence and trauma in New Testament studies. She demonstrates how multiple readings from various Biblical and extracanonical texts help us process trauma. But readers should also take care to understand the context of the stories of gender and racial violence so that the examples do not become an excuse to perpetuate violence. Reading from a variety of perspectives also helps readers find many paths to the healing of trauma and pain.

Dr. Karri Whipple, Faculty Fellow of Liberal Arts at New York University, was drawn to her research on the presence and impact of biblical violence and trauma  from hands-on experiences. She has worked with intimate violence organizations in New York City and advocated for gender justice and rights at the UN.  She is passionate about communicating the depth of religious meaning.