The Bible and Beyond Podcast Episode

A Jew and a Christian Discover Commonality

A headshot of Dr. Jennifer Stollman

Dr. Jennifer Stollman, photo by Gerald H. Stollman

An interview with Dr. Jennifer Stollman

Dr. Jennifer Stollman, a Conservative Jew, surprised herself by discovering a couple of ‘game-changers’ in her reading of Paulson’s book, Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John: Catching the Light. As a self-described activist, Stollman was startled to consider an elevated sense of God that challenges traditional beliefs in the permanence of evil. A second ‘game-changer’ for Stollman was the new interpretation of Eve as a partner for Adam, an idea lifting women from being complicit and susceptible.

Dr. Jennifer A. Stollman, Ph.D. has professionally developed and led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion educational sessions, facilitated community conversations and action related to racial reconciliation, successfully guided entities through crises related to bias, mentored professionals and community change agents, and developed and executed climate surveys, diversity audits, and DEI strategic plans.

Dr. Stollman, founder and CEO of J.A. Stollman Consulting, is an equity consultant and a speaker specializing in building and sustaining inclusive living, learning, and work spaces. She served as a tenured history professor, chair, and coordinator for the History and Gender and Women’s Studies departments for almost twenty years.