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The Wisdom of Solomon: A First Century Divine Female

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Monday, October 28, 2019
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Presenter: Dr. Hal Taussig
Host: Shirley Paulson, PhD

One of the earliest lists of important books in the Christ movements (the Muratorian fragment) lists The Wisdom of Solomon along with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, thirteen letters of Paul, and two letters of John.  The most fascinating dimension of The Wisdom of Solomon on such a list of well-known early writings about Jesus is that the word ‘Jesus’ does not occur in The Wisdom of Solomon. The Wisdom of Solomon is now considered to have been an important writing for the hundreds of thousands people of Israel in first century Egypt. Find the text in The New Jerusalem Bible and The Oxford Annotated, or find it here on the web.  Specific verses discussed: 6:12–17; 7:7–17; 7:22–30; 8:1–18; 9:9–11; 10:1–21; and 11:1–26.