The Bible and Beyond Podcast Episode

It’s Ok to Look at Extracanonical Texts!

An interview with Dr. Hal Taussig

Dr. Hal Taussig

Dr. Hal Taussig

Dr. Hal Taussig compels us to walk through the door into the world of extracanonical texts. Whether we grew up fully satisfied that our Christian faith is established and needs no additional information about ‘unauthorized things,’ or we are eager to explore  a deeper view of the early Christians – Hal walks with us, step by step to a realization that these lesser known texts are vitally important, beautiful, vibrant, and valid today for both scholars and the public.

The extracanonical texts are not intended as exclusions of the traditional New Testament, but in fact reading them side by side enhances both. They remind us that each book of the New Testament is different and sometimes mutually contradictory, so these other texts help to fill in the blanks as well as helping us to read these contradictions with meaning.

Hal tackles the origin and trouble with the word ‘Gnosticism,’ showing us why most of us have been misled on that subject. Hal is now a recently retired Professor of the New Testament and United Methodist Pastor, but not a retired thinker and scholar! His Mediography includes The New York Times, Time Magazine, the Daily Show, National Public Radio, and quite a few more.