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The Secret Revelation of John

The Fourth Course in the Nag Hammadi Series

Course presented by Dr. Shirley Paulson

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About the Course

This online course, the fourth in the Nag Hammadi series from Early Christian Texts, explores the ancient writing titled the Secret Revelation of John. [Note: this is not the biblical Revelation TO John.] The remarkable 1945 discovery of this ancient text expands our modern understanding of the early Christ people in extraordinary ways. Written about the same time or just a bit later than other biblical texts, it reveals a side of the Jesus movement that had been lost to the world for over 1600 years. In this online course, Dr. Shirley Paulson explores the book’s three major ideas – gems – that support its healing and saving message.

It’s quite thrilling to learn that there was an important and widely circulated text that explained how Christian healing took place. The writer imagines a time when a disciple such as John might have been in despair over the loss of Jesus, when a savior in the image of Jesus, appears to offer hope and encouragement. He brings a message of healing to body and soul, and the fictitious ‘John’ brings the secret message to the world.

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Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John: Catching the Light

The Book by Shirley Paulson

The Secret Revelation of John was probably written around the same time some of the later books of the Bible took shape, but it was lost and buried around the 4th century. Although it was hidden throughout most of Christian history, its message seems especially relevant today because it appeared at a time somewhat like our own. Shirley Paulson introduces readers to the ancient text in her new book, Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John: Catching the Light.

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