Mary Magdalene

In October/November of 2022, we ran a series focusing on Mary Magdalene.
Here is information on that series:

Kyndall Rothaus Podcast: Correcting the Mary Magdalene Smear Campaign

Brandon Scott Video Presentation: How Did Mary Magdalene Lose Her Reputation?

Shirley Paulson Blog Post: The Secret Teaching of Mary Magdalene

Zoom Discussion with Shirley Paulson and Ally Kateusz: (The Threat of Mary Magdalene as a Leader)

Brandon Scott Blog Post: (Why the Gospel of Luke Framed Mary Magdalene)

Elizabeth Schrader Polczer Podcast: (Mary Magdalene Was Probably Not from Magdala)

Below you’ll find links to these and more posts and podcasts about Mary Magdelene on the Early Christian Texts website.
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