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Give Udemy Online Courses as Gifts

Gifts for your deeper digger friends!

Early Christian Texts creates online courses for those who want to learn more about the ancient texts. All of the online courses are available on the Udemy learning platform (as well as other places) but Udemy courses exclusively can be given as gifts.

Currently we have these courses available:

The Secret Revelation of John
The Thought of Norea: Christ’s Sister Savior
After Jesus Before Christianity: New Discoveries
Healing Violence in the World: Letter of Peter to Philip
The Gospel of Thomas Goes Public
Ancient Christian Texts for Modern Healing

Visit our courses page to learn more about the courses.

Please note, purchasing courses on Udemy using the links on this website, like the one above, results in Early Christian Texts receiving the majority of your purchase price. Purchasing from Udemy without using the links you find here on earlychristiantexts.com (for example, going directly to Udemy.com) results in Udemy recieving most of your purchase price. Please use the links on this website to purchase.

If you’d like to give a course available on Udemy as a gift you can do it one of two ways.

  1. If you have already purchased the course for yourself, log in and follow the instructions on this Udemy Support page.
  2. If you have not already purchased the course for yourself, go to the page of the desired course on Udemy (choose from the links above), click on the “Gift this course” link and follow the instructions provided. See screenshot below for the location of the link.  You will need to create a Udemy account.
Screenshot of Udemy website

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