About Shirley Paulson, PhD

Shirley Paulson, PhD, is especially interested in the bridge-making, conversation-supporting, and healing role these ancient, long-forgotten extracanonical texts can be. From her 30 years’ healing experience as a Christian Science practitioner, she discovers messages of hope and healing from the ancient texts.

Humor and Joy in Mark, Thomas, Matthew, and Luke

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Within the gospels of Mark, Thomas, Matthew, and Luke is a large set of pithy sayings whose primary meanings are humor and joy.  It is probable that most of these sayings existed before these gospels were written and were for generations part of oral lore. Presenter: Dr. Hal Taussig (with host Shirley Paulson, PhD)

Rethinking the Revelation to John

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This last book in most (but not all) canons of the New Testament was contested even before there was a notion of canon or New Testament.  It was contested in a number of the pre-canonical lists of books to be read, including by the likes of Martin Luther 1300 years later. Presenter: Dr. Hal Taussig (with host Shirley Paulson, PhD)

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