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Ancient Christian Texts for Modern Healing

Course presented by Dr. Shirley Paulson

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Ancient Christian Texts for Modern Healing is available as both a Live Online Hybrid Course (recorded lectures and several live online discussions) and as a self-paced online course available through the online learning platform, Udemy.

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About the Course

The focus in this course is on the subject of healing in the first centuries after Jesus and how those ideas can be made practical today. The course introduces several unfamiliar texts to spiritually curious people who don’t have much experience with these relatively recently discovered Nag Hammadi works. But even more experienced readers of these lesser-known works will find new and engaging material. It challenges all of us to engage in healing the world we live in now.

You will learn:

  1. How to find the ancient texts and how to become comfortable using them;
  2. The tension between canonical and extracanonical texts in the past and present times;
  3. Key concepts that are useful for Christian healing;
  4. Practical applications for the key concepts outlined in the course.

This course is also available via the People’s Catholic Seminary platform.

This course can also be presented as a private Bible and Beyond Presentation or an Online Hybrid Course with online learning and a series of live discussions. Great for small groups or organizations of various sizes.

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“Ancient Christian Texts for Modern Healing” Selected Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and only wish it was longer than 6 weeks. A door has been opened and I have so much gratitude, Shirley, for the material presented and the resources you have generously provided. — Suzanne

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your work! I thank Our Loving Holy One for you! I’ve been intrigued by the extracanonical writings for a long time, and am so grateful to you for introducing them to me. I want to study them more fully as this workshop was such a rich experience. And healing! — Mary Kay

I want to thank you heartily for sharing your expertise with us! I’ve had a life long sense of connection to the ancients, most likely thanks to my having been reared in Catholic teaching of the Communion of Saints. The sharing of experiences inspired by the texts you illuminated for us remains with me. Timeless words ~ from them, from us ~ revealed in a deep knowing. — Elaine

Yes, I love it … The speed is perfectly paced. I like the short segments so one has the space to think and assimilate the information. I REALLY like the instructors style, directness, emphasis on healing and one’s own experience and her respect for the learner. — Cindy

I am feeling intrigued by the information and the reading. I have learned things that I didn’t know even though I thought I knew a lot about the Bible.  I completed the course and love the final section that gives concrete actions to get results. I have been using it for the last few weeks and it gets my mind into the right space for healing.Holly 

The questions [asked] demand one to honestly ponder and sit with the texts and listen deeply for revelation in one’s own life. I love the fact that I can go back, many times if needed, to each of the sections for the purpose of deeper learning.  — Joan 

This course was phenomenal! It was packed with a lot of helpful information on health, healing and God. Loved it! — Tiffany

Well put together, moves smoothly from one lecture to another. Very interesting lectures so far.  Love Professor Deb Saxon’s talk. — Sandra

Very informative and inspirational! I feel blessed to have been led to course and look forward to taking more courses and studying deeper the ancient texts. — Susan

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